Cuisine and food Alpine.cuisine with a great deal of attention paid to the details

Relaxing Alpine breakfast

Come into our cosy breakfast room, on our stone block there are plenty of delicious local treats available to help you enjoy a great start to your day. Home-made jams, fresh pastries, our energy-packed muesli, our served egg dishes made using eggs from Söll‘s free-range hens – all this tastes at its best at your own favourite table in the morning sunshine.

For our house guests breakfast is included daily.

For all external guests breakfast is possible with reservation from 8:00 to 10:00!
All hot drinks are included in our breakfast. At the buffet you will find different types of bread, spreads, homemade jams, cereals, fresh juices and smoothies, fruit, vegetables, yogurt and much more.
Our additional highlight like fresh waffles or porridge change daily.
In addition, fresh egg varieties from the Söller Wanderhuhn are served.
Per person € 25

Please note rest days for day guests.

How we prefer to eat and drink...

  • Marion likes two coffees in the morning, rather than one, or none even. And that is better for all of us too ;-)
  • Christl prefers small portions and has something more substantial a little later.
  • Jakob has all of the drinks under control at the table and makes sure no-one is thirsty.
  • Evelyn really enjoys here food when it is nicely presented too.

Food keeps body and soul together.

KraftALM at 1.355m

Lunch time

The KRAFTalm is a variety-packed place. And so during the day it is a popular meeting point for all mountain fans, sports fans and connoisseurs. We will find a lovely little place for you to enjoy a refreshment stop in our KRAFTalm and on the sun terraces. From typically Tirol to local fish, to grandma’s potato ‘Topfenbladl’ - our Alm cuisine not only fills you up, it also makes you happy.

Breakfast ONLY on reservation from 8.00 to 09.30 am
Lunch from 11.30 to 15.00

Please note rest days for day guests.

Choice ingredients from local producers, turned into something very special. Inspired by the mountain and the Alpine pasture. Consciously regional and authentically Tirol. The fundamental always in sight. Evelyn adores cooking – and you can taste that. Some of our recipes have been created just for the Kraftalm. Yet many have been handed down over the years, or rather, over the decades. It is these small and well-kept secrets that make a family business so special through the generations.

Cuisine. Evening adoration

Select, local ingredients. Prepared with a great deal of attention by Evelyn. Let us bring you to your wonderfully bedecked table and spend the evening in a relaxing ambience. Watch the sun set, as you enjoy your unique, multi-course dinner. And, as always in the Alm, you get to share so many dishes with your loved one/s.

For our overnight guests, dinner in the evening is included in the room rate.

For external guests our restaurant is open from 8:00 am.
Large menu from 11.30 to 15.00, before and after small menu.

In the evening, day guests are also welcome to order our 5-course menu on advance reservation.
(Please note, however, the opening hours of the gondola lift:
8:00 - 16:30 in winter and 8:45 - 17:00 in summer. )
Beyond that we are only accessible by ski or in summer by bike or on foot.

You cannot drive to the KRAFTalm by car.
Please note the days of rest for day guests.

Set the table

and fill me up.

For many people, food is merely an accessory. For us it is much more. It is love, it is passion and the foundations of our day. We pay a great deal of attention to the produce we use in our cuisine. When we get fish from our own pond, or fruit from grandma’s garden, then that is a highlight of course. And here too, we take it as it comes. Little fish, big fish, knobbly apples and the best ones – everything goes into our pots.

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