Family Who we are.

It is the strength of the generations and
a love of change,
a feeling for people and nature,
and a connection to the region.

The future brings change.
With values that have been handed down in this original location, yet in a new guise.

At home on the mountain. Since 1909.


There are things in life that you just do with ease. Then there are other tasks, and places too, that fill you with joy.

Born for tourism, that is probably one of the most accurate descriptions for Marion. She enjoyed the best in training at Zillertal’s tourist schools. She fell in love with the mountains, especially the Wilder Kaiser, and she worked for many years with the tourist association. Yet it was and remains, the KRAFTalm that Marion’s heart skips a beat for. She came home in 2017 and managed our 5th generation business. She knew about our roots, yet she also sees changes as a good friend. Marion adores meeting people and she is the one with the vision in this family business.


Food is life. Cooking is passion. Yet being able to enjoy it, that is a great gift.

Evelyn has always been fascinated by cooking; a cooking spoon and the biggest pots were always her most favourite toys. It was at agricultural college in Weitau that she gained the essentials which shaped her train of thought. A connection with nature and valuing our food. A brief idea to attend tourism schools to attend an advanced level course was quickly rejected. After all, you can only do well in what it is you really love. And Evelyn has clearly fallen in love with good food. Trained in the best establishments in the region, she is also well aware of Toque standard cuisine. But what is the meaning of the world when you have no idea of what is home. And so, from now on, the KRAFTalm will bear the culinary signature of Evelyn.

Christine & Jakob

Our rocks and the tranquil base of the family.

If you had to describe this pair in few words, then it would be with these: calm and down-to-earth. The courage to keep going and not give up at the first attempt. They extend a friendly welcome to our guests. They adore nature and the Alm.
Christine is in charge of everyone’s culinary well-being and providing a feel-good ambience.
Jakob mainly takes care of the guests and all the little things that are happening in the Alm.
Christine and Jakob are much more than two good souls in the Alm. They are always there to provide advice. They are our experienced foundation in this family-run business.

People who are always ready to help.


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