Alpine.Wellness 1355 metres altitude for your relaxation

Someone who is from the Tirol mountain area doesn’t, to all intents and purposes, need much to be happy. But we are of the opinion that sometimes things need to be a little bit special.
Particularly during a holiday, when you really ought to be enjoying the high life.

Mountain panorama. Pool

Step in and feel the fresh mountain water from our own spring. Only have an eye for the Wilder Kaiser? Then you are in exactly the right place here. In our Infinity pool you actually get to swim right up to it. Feel butterflies in your stomach when you get here. Might well be love …

Here it is all about feeling the mountains and being a person. You will soon realise that, and everything else around you will be incidental. That’s a promise.

KraftALM 1.355m


Things get hot, hot, hot in the panorama sauna. A place for relaxation between the heavens and the Kitzbühel Alps. It might well be that pure joy will wash over you. Be warned. It can even happen that so much joy will yield a yodel. We mountain folk find it difficult to hold back sometimes.

Show us your bathing slippers.

  • There is probably nothing more dull than white hotel bathing slippers. We prefer things to be colourful, individual and above all, we are passionate about nature and our resources. So, please bring your own flip-flops or bathing slippers with you. Our maxim is – the more colourful the slippers, the happier the person.


Our relaxation room is probably the most tranquil place in the Kraftalm. Relax, feel free and finally take a bit of time for yourself. Snuggle up, read a book, gaze in wonder at the Kitzbühel Alps and just leave your mobile in your room. Our relaxation room is available for everyone aged 16 and over.

Good to know:

  • Fluffy bathing robes are provided in your room
  • There are plenty of bathing towels available
  • Relaxation room and sauna for the over 16s who are looking for relaxation
  • Pool area and Alm.Garden are available to every man, woman and child.
  • Our Alm.Wellness hours are tgl. from 9:00 - 22:00 o'clock
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