Life on the alpine pasture. Animals and humans together.

Colourful mountain pastures, romantic trails and a summit cross. For most hikers that's the definition of an alpine pasture. For us it's much more. We have experienced and witnessed the interaction of agriculture and hospitality across 5 generations.
The alpine hotel is only a small part of it - 22 ha of pasture and woodland are spread around the site.
All of this should be looked after, cherished and appreciated.

There, where the cattle are, there is life - that's our home.


The cattle come first.

A long time before the first guests of the Summer.Freshness stayed at the KRAFTalm, the cattle were already living there.

In the beginning, there was always agriculture. During the new construction project of the KRAFTalm, this was also the case. This is because hospitality and agriculture should always be appreciated. As a result of this, it was important that the stable buildings were also rebuilt and the cows were able to reoccupy the new alpine inn in the summer of 2019. Previously, it was the cattle belonging to our great-great-grandparents who grazed here, and today it is the animals of our aunt Elisabeth and her husband Meinrad. Elisabeth herself is a KRAFTalm - a girl who grew up on the mountains. So it's not just an alpine inn for her and her family, but it also always feels a little like coming back home. Quite rightly too, and we are very grateful for this. As family is and remains the foundation of our philosophy.

Are you familiar with our alpine life?

  • Elisabeth and Meinrad's cows can be found here on the alpine pasture from May until the end of September.
  • Meinrad prefers his cows to have horns and bells. It's very traditional.
  • Up until the end of August, the cattle are only on the meadows during the night.
  • Milk is collected every other day by the milk truck.
  • Our mom makes yoghurt and buttermilk out of milk for you.
  • Our mom makes yoghurt and buttermilk out of milk for you.

They're Tyrolean Butterhirschen.

A synonym for an alpine cow.

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